Our senior living will feel just like home

When the elderly feel isolated, negative consequences can occur.  This does not have to happen – Avielle Haven is available to provide the company for your senior family member that he or she desires!  With our senior living services, your family member has the opportunity to interact with other seniors. Our 55+ community brings people together and our senior housing feels just like home. Some of our senior living services include:

  • The level of assistance your senior needs
  • Meals for every type of diet and enjoyment
  • Community activities
  • Physical activities
  • Mental activities
  • A warm and friendly living environment

The Benefits of Interaction

When people are social, there are many benefits, both medically and mentally. These benefits allow us to maintain healthier relationships, live longer and be happier.  This holds true for the senior population as well.   There are many studies that indicate that those who stay active both mentally and socially tend to have a longer lifespan.   For these reasons, Avielle Haven can help benefit your senior family member in the following ways:

  • decreased symptoms of depression
  • reduced feelings of loneliness, meaninglessness, and despair
  • better physical health from increased physical activity, which results in less severe symptoms of depression
  • lower blood pressure
  • healthier social support structures
  • allowing more meaningful connections to be made with others

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