Adult Day Care

Our adult day care program at Avielle Haven greatly benefits both the primary caregiver and the family member for who you care for.  Allow our staff to care for your family member while you are at work and don’t want to leave that special someone unattended.  We offer assistance with daily activities and tasks while providing a loving and nurturing atmosphere.  Let us help to alleviate some of the worry and stress that comes with being away.

Think of our home as your loved ones home-away-from-home!

Community and Quality Care

Avielle Haven is a home that specializes in caring for our residents and seniors.  Registered nurses operate our facility and enjoy offering a nurturing, loving and healthy environment to all.  Our home is a place where our adult day care residents can find a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary while everyone benefits from such situations as:

  • You are allowed to continue working and providing a source of income
  • Your loved ones are allowed to embark on a change of scenery while becoming entwined within a small community of their peers where special bonds are formed through socialization
  • A safe environment is provided for your loved ones while you are away
  • You are given a temporary respite from your caregiving duties